VASYLI Medical’s Advisory Board brings together a prestigious group of internationally renowned practitioners and academics, each personally invited by Phillip Vasyli to help inform the work of the VASYLI Think Tank™.

Their individual and combined skill sets further elevate VASYLI’s biomechanical practice, research, and education and further advance our goal of shared knowledge.



Geir Arne Aarseth received a BS in physiotherapy from Northumbria University at Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 1997. He also has master’s degrees in sports physiotherapy and manipulative physiotherapy from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Geir has special expertise in gait analysis, taping techniques, and treatment of the lower limb. He lectures on these topics as part of the specialist program for the Manual Therapy section of the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association and at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

He also lectures in gait analysis and treatment of the lower limb (post graduate) with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden (2011 – to present).



In 1995, Alfio Albasini received his postgraduate diploma in manual therapy in Perth WA, Australia, at the Curtin University of Technology. Since 1996, he has practiced in his own clinic in Bellinzona, Ticino Switzerland and teaches manual therapy at the School of Physiotherapy, USI, Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Alfio is regularly invited to present at conferences around the world and conducts workshops and seminars in South America, South Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. He also teaches on the McConnell Taping Techniques lecture circuit.

Alfio has been involved with the Research and Development (Clinical Excellence Circle), Otto Bock Health Care since 2006 and is member at the Swiss Association of Soccer (SFV) as an expert in physiotherapy of sport medicine.



After receiving a Bachelor of Applied Science, Diploma of Health Science, and master’s degree in podiatry, Paul founded The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Centre in Sydney, Australia, in 2007. Specializing in sports medicine, biomechanics, orthoses, heel pain, and foot and ankle surgery, he has an extensive background in podiatric medicine, clinical care, research, and academia.

An international lecturer and presenter, Paul was previous acting head of the podiatry program at the University of Western Sydney. In addition, he was previous director of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW) and the Australasian Podiatry Council. He is founder and technical director of PORTAL Education, the world’s largest online repository of medical education.



Currently director of Teaching and Learning and deputy dean of School at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Cardiff, Wales and member of the Cardiff and Vale Therapies Research Group, Ian Mathieson, PhD, is a senior lecturer specializing in human gait and biomechanics, orthotic theory, and podiatric sports medicine.

Author of A Podiatrist’s Guide to Using Research, published in 2007 by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone, Dr. Mathieson is also series editor for The Pocket Podiatry Guide, published 2009. Dr. Mathieson is external examiner, BSc(Hons) Podiatry, University of Salford and consulting podiatrist at the Wales Centre for Podiatric Studies Private Practice.



Pat received his degree in physical therapy from Boston University in 1988 and his master’s in business administration from the University of St. Thomas in 2001. He is a board-certified clinical specialist in sports physical therapy and has presented more than 200 lectures across the country on lower extremity biomechanics, therapeutic modalities, and foot and ankle dysfunction.

He has been the principal investigator in multiple clinical studies. He is currently an administrator at a large health system and a member of the board of directors of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.