Dr.StepAlign | Kone-X Performance Insoles, EVA Foam Replacement for Sneakers, Boots, Flats, Cleats, and More, Shock Absorption and Balance Improvement, Washable, Trim to Fit





Made of 100% waterproof and washable closed-cell EVA foam, our DrStepAlign insole feature a patern 3-D energy return design that relives pressure and absorbs shock, diminishing knee, leg, back and foot discomfort while standing, walking or running. In addition to improving comfort and performance, the unique open grid contruction allows for free-flow air circulation and rapid dying making the insole resistance bacteria and odors.

Targeted Acupressure Zone

Made with high-quality materials and engineered with the needs of athletes in mind, Dr.StepAlign provides the perfect balance of stability and flexibility, allowing for maximum range of motion while maintaining optimal foot alignment. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr.StepAlign is the must-have shoe insole for anyone looking to enhance their athletic performance.

Waterproof and Washable

Dr.StepAlign insoles are made from EVA closed-cell foam, making them lightweight and ensuring that the insoles do not add unnecessary bulk or weight to your shoes. EVA’s moisture-wicking properties also help to keep your feet dry and comfortable by absorbing and dissipating sweat and moisture. The foam is also known for its durability, maintaining its shape and performance over time, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. When it’s time for a cleaning, simply rinse the insoles in water and return them to your shoes.

Step Into Daily Comfort

Dr.StepAlign insoles provide superior cushioning and support, effectively absorbing impact forces during intense physical activities. The closed cell foam material ensures durability, maintaining its shape and functionality over extended periods of use. The 3D shock absorption technology further enhances the insoles’ performance by evenly distributing pressure and reducing stress on the feet, joints, and muscles. By minimizing the risk of fatigue, these insoles enable athletes to push their limits while maintaining optimal comfort. They are equally advantageous for weekend warriors and individuals who engage in regular physical activities, providing comfort and support during workouts, running, or everyday tasks that demand athleticism.

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