Activelife | HighBaller Mounted And Adjustable Twin Ball Body Massager – Orange


  • Revolutionary Design: The HighBaller is the only massage balls on the market that is angled, independently rotating, width adjustable and wall mountable. These unique features allow the HighBaller to comfortably massage areas of your body such as the IT Band and Adductor that our competitors can’t. It also allows you to deliver the precise and perfect amount of pressure to give you maximum results with minimal pain.
  • Tons of Health Benefits: Want to rejuvenate and revitalize your entire body? Look no further. The HighBaller quickly alleviates muscle pain and relieves muscle knots, tightness, tension and stress. It will increase your flexibility, range of motion, athletic performance and helps improve your circulation and muscle recovery.
  • Super Easy to Use: Simply lean on the massage ball and use your body weight to relieve muscle knots and tension. Unlike our competitors, our wall mounting feature, allows you to deliver the precise pressure for the most comfortable massage yet. The free wall mount gel pad allows full flexibility as you can easily mount it anywhere on the wall and can remove it easily.
  • Massage Anywhere: The HighBaller can relieve pain from trigger points throughout the body. It is the ultimate personal massage tool for your back, shoulders, neck, hips, arms, legs, glutes, thighs and arms. We provide you with a detailed trigger point map and videos so you will know exactly what to do. It also comes with a free carry bag so take it anywhere with you. Perfect for massages at home, at the gym or the office.


HighBaller is the only twin-ball with width adjustable, angled balls used for self-myofascial release (SMR) to loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

The adjustability allows HighBaller to be used anywhere on the body in a way no other self-massage tool can. HighBaller has an immediate pain-relieving effect by quieting down pain receptors and in the long term will help release stiff and tight muscles to make your everyday life enjoyable again. The balls are firm. Some users experience discomfort when lying down on the angled balls. It’s not necessary to roll the balls on your back. Use direct pressure for trigger point release!